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Indian CST welcomes you to try the new version of its TRANSPORTAL that is intended to facilitate citizen engagement in governance.
The TRANSPORTAL is an ICT initiative for Citizen Engagement at Governance at all levels.

  • Leverages state of the art technologies like cloud computing, big data, mobile apps, analytical engines along with management concepts like crowd sourcing, professional project management ,program monitoring, evaluation, control etc.

  • Real-time decision support system which enables citizen and government to take informed decision and be a part of decision making

  • Enables collaborative partnership between citizens, government, corporates which will help to achieve the Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals even before 2030

  • Applies to all levels of Governance from Global to Local and even Corporate Governance.

  • Provides omnibus ICT tool for Citizen Engagement in myriad contexts which puts Citizen first and foremost

  • Gives the Governance a single point of contact for ascertaining citizen preferences for the policy formulation as well as it gives Citizen, a single window of delivery of citizen services as per citizen charter

  • Facilitates stakeholder management, project management and helps in team building
  • Revenue Analytics

    See how different revenues are collected in your area and how they are used in public works

    Project Analytics

    Track important projects in your area, and participate in Public Finance Management to ensure outcomes match outlays


    Single window for citizen services, citizen to government to citizen connect


    Post complaints on civic issues in your neighbourhood (Pothholes, garbages,etc.) Motivate the community to engage with civic authorities meaningfully for resolution of all issues

    Document Locker

    Save your documents online. Share your documents with your family, friends, workmates and interest groups etc.


    Download and use Mobile apps to give suggestions and raise issues with authorities


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